Tons of Bevel.... now in stock.

I apologize to those who were wondering why there were less updates on the blog recently...I know many of you (Kendalls grandmom) were eager to see all of the latest eyewear news (Pictures of Kendall) and I am sorry I disappointed you all. (all 1 of you). Yes...I AM a slacker...or as Kendall would say....a "sqwacker"... In any event here is some late breaking optical news...(with pictures of Kendall included)... We were happy to host Amy from Bevel a few weeks back (and force her to pose for pictures) while she showed us all of the cool Fall arrivals from one of our favorite design houses.

After several long and painful weeks (ok maybe painful is a reach) we FINALLY have a ton of new Bevels now available in stock...

Really...look at them Aubrey would say: it's a "buttload" of frames....eww, now that just sounds dirty.


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