Holiday Hours/Flexible Spending/Gift Certificates

As we wind down 2009 I'd like to first thank all of our loyal customers for helping make it a great year. The economy was in the tank pretty much all year but we had one of our best years ever and your support is truly appreciated.

Next we'd like to remind everyone that YES we do offer GIFT CERTIFICATES and if you need a last minute gift idea that's more unique than the same old perfume or tired necktie then stop on in.

Our Holiday Hours will be the following:

Wednesday 12/23 10-6
Thursday 12/24 10-6
Friday 12/25: CLOSED - Merry Christmas
Saturday 12/26: 10-5
Sunday 12/27: CLOSED
Monday 12/28: CLOSED
Tuesday 12/29: 10-6
Wednesday 12/30: 10-6
Thursday 12/31:10-6
Friday 1/1: CLOSED - Happy New Year
Saturday 1/2: 10-5

And finally if you have leftover Flexible Spending dollars that need to be used by years end we have the following ideas for you:
(we'd hate for "them" to keep your money...whoever "they" are).

You can buy a lifetime supply of Geritol...
...or maybe some cool handmade frames from french designer Anne Et Valentin.
Maybe a years supply of adult diapers...
...or these cool retro re-issues from English manufacturer Anglo American.
If you're having some "performance related" issues...theres always the little blue pill....


well on second thought if you need the pill I'd just go in that direction... We don't sell any frames that are THAT cool.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us here at Paris West Optical


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