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Happy Holidays! - Remaining 2012 Hours

Feliz Navidad! Happy Holidays! and Happy New Year! Everyone here at Paris West would like to thank our loyal clients for another record setting year... it's truly been an amazing (almost) 19 years in Charm City and having just extended our lease, we're looking forward to many, many more. We hope that you and your families have a wonderful Holiday season and that the coming year is a fantastic one.
As we close out 2012, here are our remaining hours of operation:
Sunday December 23: CLOSED
Monday December 24: CLOSED
Tuesday December 25: CLOSED- MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Wednesday December 26: 10-6
Thursday December 27: 10-6
Friday December 28: 10-6
Saturday December 29: 10-5
Sunday December 30: CLOSED
Monday December 31: 10-5
 YES...we are opening on a Monday (December 31st), just this once, for all of you procrastinators (like myself) who love to wait til the last minute to use their flexible spending dollars.
 So before you run out and pop that champagne, pop in and see us, and we'…

Happy Black Friday!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We will be open for Black Friday 10-6 as well as Saturday 10-5. Doc Larry is in on Friday 10-6 and has a few appointment times still available. Call us at 410-528-1877 for availability.  So once you're done waiting 5 hours in line for the pleasure of saving $5 on that juicer that will get used once...please stop in and visit us for a wait free Black Friday experience. Speaking of which...I don't even like that term "Black Friday"... It sounds ominous or something. I think our (way more creative than me) friends at l.a. Eyeworks are on to something...Welcome to Hot Pink Friday!  WE do have lots of great new creations from l.a. Eyeworks (and Fiction) as well a plethora of other really cool and original designs that will make great gifts. And as always...GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE! (sorry for shouting...but nobody pays attention to me usually.) We hope to see you soon!

New arrivals from DITA... in stock now!


Happy Halloween! We will be open today 10-6.

No tricks... just treats...we will be back in the shop today from 10-6. Sorry for being closed yesterday and we hope everyone is recovering from the effects of Sandy. Hopefully we'll see everyone soon... Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!...the amount of new stuff in stock is SCARY.

Image's not a trick... we don't do tricks here (unlike that cranky neighbor who used to give dental floss samples instead of candy)...just treats (and as always free Jolly Ranchers)... and among the many beautiful new treats we have in stock NOW are arrivals from JF Rey/Boz, Bevel, Lindberg, Bliss, Orgreen, Vinyl Factory, Mykita, Theo, Anne et Valentin, Volte Face, Renoma, Salt, LA Eyeworks, Fiction, Barton Perreira, 141, Jono Hennesey, Carter Bond, Caroline Abrams, Waza, Paolo Seminara, Alain Mikli, Mad in Italy, and much, much more!

So don't be a scaredy cat...stop in and say hello and get your treat(s) before all the other kids do. You don't even need to be wearing a costume.

Fall Kickoff: New from Boz

As we head into September and the upcoming Fall season everyone who reads this blog on a somewhat regular basis (all 2 of you) know that in addition to back to school and football, Fall also means that we have an excuse to buy lots and lots of new product for the shop.
 Helping us to "kick off" these new arrivals is our now semi-retired pocket sized super model, Kendall, who took time off from her hectic first grade schedule to stop by and showcase these beautiful designs from J.F. Rey's companion collection - BOZ.
 These acetate and metal/acetate combinations are super unique, colorful and extremely feminine... and they are just a hint of all the cool new stuff that has just arrived. As far as Kendall goes... we did ask if she wanted her job as supermodel/boss back but she said she's too busy with school and plans to pursue a career as a movie-star/dinosaur hunter...but she did promise that she will visit us on occasion. But if you're in the market for some new …

New Barton and Bevel and Volte Face...oh my!

LOTS of new stuff arriving this month in anticipation of Fall... here's a sneak peak...from Volte Face...
 Barton Perreira...
and Bevel. Much more to follow.

A public service announcement from our resident Village Idiot

Hi... this post is for you... you know who you are...the one with the glasses purchased at the place where you buy toilet paper in bulk. I know... you saved a chunk of change by buying that made in China masterpiece that adorns your face...yep, the one with the flaking finish and fancy spring hinges...that stopped springing back in 2004. I'm not passing judgement...ok that's a lie...I am... I'm not very tactful...ask my ex-wife.

Anywhoo...don't take this wrong way..I'm all in favor of saving money...I'm just saying that maybe there are better places to save it instead of on the item that goes on your know the one that you actually SEE out of.

If I had a dollar for every time I see someone who spent more money (usually much more) on their watch or shoes or tie or handbag than they did on their eyeglasses...well then I'd buy all of you nice glasses... but until then consider this: The average pair of well made glasses should last about 5 times lon…

New in stock.

Beautiful NEW arrivals from SALT, both opthalmic and sun are now in stock.
 We are so excited about this that I was asked to repeat this message in another language just to reacher a wider audience.
 Unfortunately I barely speak english so that presents a bit of a problem...and I'm too cheap/lazy to invest in Rosetta Stone so I'll do my best...
Eautifulbay EWNAY rrivalsaay romfay ALTSAY , othbay pthalmicoay ndaay unsay reaay ownay niay tocksay. Forget French, pig latin is really the language of love. See you oonsay!

Celebrating our 18th Birthday!...Thank You to our great customers and friends!...Ball Park Music - "It's Nice To Be Alive"


Random Spring Newness...

Spring is here! Everyone knows that Spring = tons of NEW releases from all of the top design houses... and this year we are off to our best start EVER. Our first quarter set sales records but rather than take that money and save it like most rational adults, I've just decided to buy even MORE frames than usual... I'm sure there's some mental illness that can be assigned to this behavior... but who cares if I'm nuts? It means even MORE great selections for you guys. (just ignore me if I'm sitting in the corner talking to myself when you of our wonderful and sane staff will be happy to assist you). But enough of my problems lets get to the good stuff... Above we have new DITA... both opthalmic and sun.
                                    New Alain Mikli...
                          Awesome stuff from L.A. Eyeworks...
           Limited edition Zanotti Fragonara...handmade in Italy
                                  New Tom Ford

...this is just the tip of…

Now playing @ Paris West: Manchester Orchestra - I've Got Friends


New from Anne et Valentin and others!

As we head towards Spring usually we are gearing up for our busy season... this year, however, our busy season seems to have started January 2nd early. We are off to out best start EVER...product is flying off the shelves and we are replacing it with cool new stuff at a record pace... As those of you who have visited on recent Saturdays has been a MADHOUSE in the shop...thank you to everybody who visited...and thank you for your patience and business.
 We have a ton of new things to show you from the likes of Anne et Valentin (pictured), Etnia Barcelona, IC! Berlin, Alain Mikli, Sama, Barton Perreira, and many others...not to mention the world of Tom Davies and his Bespoke collections which we have barely scratched the surface of...
It's an exciting time here at Paris West.. our staff is the best it's ever been (even the legendary Aubrey is back...on a rather limited basis), our inventory is bananas, and I'm...well I'm still bald... I guess you…

emPower eyewear...Available now!


Dita 2012 Behind The Scenes


Seinfeld - The Glasses


The factory that makes frames for Frederic Beausoleil...New Collection is in stock now.


Welcome to 2012... the word of the year will be "BESPOKE".

Coming off of our busiest week ever (by more than than 30%)...our busiest month ever... and our busiest year ever, there's not much more I can say other than 'Thank You' to our loyal customers and our fantastic staff.

As we work to fulfill everyones orders from the end of 2011, we are already planning big things for 2012. Coming soon we will be introducing the Baltimore market to Tom Davies and his wonderful concept of "Made to Measure" eyewear. If I had a quarter for every time I've heard "I wish this frame came one size smaller" or "I wish it came in this color" or "I wish this frame was semi-rimless"... well I'd have a whole bunch of quarters. 
That's about to change... stay tuned... more to come... Happy New Year!