Happy Halloween!...the amount of new stuff in stock is SCARY.

 No...it's not a trick... we don't do tricks here (unlike that cranky neighbor who used to give dental floss samples instead of candy)...just treats (and as always free Jolly Ranchers)... and among the many beautiful new treats we have in stock NOW are arrivals from JF Rey/Boz, Bevel, Lindberg, Bliss, Orgreen, Vinyl Factory, Mykita, Theo, Anne et Valentin, Volte Face, Renoma, Salt, LA Eyeworks, Fiction, Barton Perreira, 141, Jono Hennesey, Carter Bond, Caroline Abrams, Waza, Paolo Seminara, Alain Mikli, Mad in Italy, and much, much more!

So don't be a scaredy cat...stop in and say hello and get your treat(s) before all the other kids do. You don't even need to be wearing a costume.


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