Gail Spence 9904 aluminum half eyes by Pro Design. Get them while they last!

Long time readers of our blog know what big fans we are of Pro Design and their Gail Spence aluminum re-issue collection. We were thrilled when after 20 years, Pro Design decided to re-issue (and improve upon) these timeless designs from the 80's.
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and there will be NO MORE of these beauties manufactured.
There is a silver lining however, and that is we DO have a limited supply of these classics available for immediate ALL 4 colors. (Red, Copper, Turquoise and Silver).
The even better news is that we are selling these at 50% off of the suggested retail of $325. (that's $162.50 for those of you who are bad at the math). We will even include FREE Priority Mail shipping with purchase. But hurry...these never last long. (I think my mother is texting me as I type this). Orders and questions should be sent to us at Don't miss out! Order today!


OMG PLEASE, help me....... looking high and low for these glasses by gail spense. HOW MUCH???
They are $162.50 per pair. (Half price) while supplies last.

To purchase please contact us at

X said…
Will u ship to australia ?
We can. Add $25 USD to the price.
Diane Johnson said…
do you still have any gail spence left for sale? what colors?
please reply to;
thanks Diane
Mary said…
Do you still have any of these in stock, please?
Mary said…
Do you still have any of these in stock, please?

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