Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!

 I hope everyone is prepared for the alleged "most romantic day of the year"... I'm sure some of you have already bought your significant other their gift...wrapped it... and are sitting smugly at home sipping your hot chocolate laughing at the rest of the procrastinating masses.

You probably are the one who packs 3 weeks before your vacation too (congratulations). Oh well, this post isn't for you... however, if you're still at a quandary as to what to buy, let us suggest a less cliche option than chocolate or flowers...how about a shiny new pair of spectacles?? (or sunglasses for that matter.) We just received a shipment of beautiful new selections from our Belgian friends at Theo. In our opinion Belgian glasses are better than Belgian chocolates. Not that we're biased or anything.

Not sure what to get? (there are thousands to pick from). Well don't despair... we have GIFT CERTIFICATES available too. So get up, get dressed (warmly, it's kinda chilly out) and meet us at the shop... either Downtown or Bel Air, you pick. Oh...you might wanna wait til we open at 10. ( I mean you waited this long, what's a few more hours?)

 See you soon and Happy Valentine's Day!!


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