Sunday, February 28, 2016

"Wake Up"... WOOW Eyewear is in stock now!

 From the cofounders of the iconic French line: FACE A FACE comes this irreverent, colorful and super stylish line. Pronounced "Wooooo" and not "Wow", each frame (and sunglass) comes with it's own unique message and is made in Italy.

Really, every frame model is a message unto itself.

From: "Super Duper", "Come On", "Never Mind", "Feel Good", "Wake Up", "Go Ahead" among many others.

There's a rumor that my employees have requested a model in my honor for a future release: the "Shut Up". But that's only speculation. In any event you should "Hurry Up" and check these out... We "Can't Wait" to see you.  :)

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