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Frame O' the Day: Chateauneuf from Bevel

Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition of "Frame O' the Day". Why Christmas Eve? Well why not? Besides I have nothing to do until Trader Joes opens and I can go buy our Christmas party food for the store today. YES...we are open 10-6...and YES there will be free food for everyone. (Well until we eat it all, and with myself and Rudy in attendance it will probably go fast.) So anyway, back to the frame... the "Chateauneuf" from Bevel. Why is it the frame of the day you ask? Well it's RED (vintage red officially)...and since it is Christmas isn't RED like festive or something? That and I wanted to type "Chateauneuf" as many times as possible. Well that and it's also wine and I look forward to drinking LOTS of it over the next few days that I spend with my lovely family. And when I say lovely in no way do I mean annoying or smothering. Really.

Oh... the frame is pretty damn cool, come see it and grab a free cookie or 3. Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Our hours for the last 2 weeks of the year:

Tuesday 12/21 thru Friday 12/24 10-6
Tuesday 12/28 thru Friday 12/31 10-6

Doc Larry IS in both Fridays 10-6 and has some appointments still available. Call for availability. (410.528.1877)

Don't forget we do have gift certificates and to use your flexible spending dollars.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Paris West Optical!

ProDesign ... Over 100 models currently in stock.


Frame O' the Day: Dita Grandmaster 2

Starting today we will start our soon to be famous "Frame O' the Day" feature here at Paris West Optical. Now don't get too excited... there's not going to be a frame for EVERY day. Or every other day... or any other days for that matter. I suffer from ADD and quite honestly I'll probably forget all about this by lunchtime... anyway... what was I saying again? Oh yeah, the frame in question is the Grandmaster 2 from Dita. Pictured above on Lebron James...and in stock now. (Not Lebron, he took his talents to South Beach).
This Japanese handmade beauty is also available as a sunglass...pictured above on Usher. (And when I say beauty I'm still referring to the frame, nothing against Usher... he's alright...I guess...but I don't think he's from Japan.) Stop in and try one on before, like Lebron in Cleveland, they're outta here.

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Dita Eyewear - Now in stock!

Barton Perreira : Now in stock.

Kendall, Kirk & Anne

Fall is here... time to get back to school, watch football, and buy new eyeglasses. (ok maybe the last one is not really a fall tradition...but it should be). We have a ton of cool new fall arrivals ...including these from French designer Anne et Valentin (pictured above.)
We are also happy to welcome back our resident pocket sized supermodel Kendall. (Making a special one day only appearance...and quite honestly she's grown so much that the "pocket sized" is not so accurate anymore.)
Here she is "modeling" a new frame from the Kirk Originals sculpture collection. (Along with our pocket sized optometrist, Dr. Larry.)
Above and below are more from UK designer Jason Kirk... the colors are super-vibrant and the shapes are flattering and feminine. For the rest of the photos check out our facebook page and for more from Kirk Originals check out their great website @

Victory in stock.

We are happy to announce that we have won the 2010 Baltimore City Paper Readers Poll for "Best Eyewear Store". (Not to be confused with that other award we won earlier this year or the ones from last year...or the year before that...or...well, you get the idea)...A big Thank You to the readers of City Paper, our staff,our loyal customers and yes you Mom for all of your votes. We feel it's kind of fitting that we also have received the new vintage reissue collection from the old school American company, Victory Optical. Being modeled above by our new apprentice Cailin... along with the just plain old Rudy-Poo.
These models are EXACT replicas from the original Victory collection that were so popular decades ago... my Grandfather even had a pair... and he was cool...really, don't ask what happened to me, I guess I was the apple that fell off the tree....and rolled down the hill...and got ran over by the milk truck.
Anyway, each frame comes with a soft case/cleaning cloth,…

VICTORY!... 2010 City Paper "Best of Baltimore" Readers Poll.

Coming Soon: Zero G Eyewear

Once again we are pleased to announce that another new collection is on its way to Paris West Optical.
Zero G eyewear is handmade in Japan from 100% titanium flat sheet metal.
There are no screws or solder points and the frames are extremely comfortable and durable. We will post pics on facebook as soon as the product arrives in about a week or so.

New Arrivals from FUNK

We are very pleased to welcome back into our inventory the elusive "Uther Pendragon" from Funk eyewear. No, that's not the name of a German porn actor... its the ultra modern/neo-retro/ super cool pair of specs from this German design house. Funk eyewear is handmade and ultra scarce... we had this model in before and it didn't last long...I wouldn't count on a lengthy stay this time either.

Shades O'Plenty


Tons of new sunglasses now in stock...including: Mosley Tribes (click the link), IC! Berlin, Salt, Mykita, J.F. Rey, Oakley, Maui Jim, Carrera, Chanel, Tiffany, Tom Ford, Tod's, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Brittany Spears. (Ok that last one was a joke...just seeing if you're paying attention. Besides, we're old school...we prefer Madonna...pictured above in a model from IC! Berlin.)


Once again!... We are proud to announce that Paris West Optical has won the "Best of Baltimore" award for best eyewear. Thank you to our entire staff: Aubrey, Rudy-Poo, Doc Larry, Cailin, and of course the boss...Miss Kendall. Also thank you to Baltimore Magazine and our loyal customers for supporting us for these 16 plus years... you make it easy for us to come into work. We promise to continue to work as hard as possible to be deserving of this honor for years to come. Thanks again!

Jee Vice "Heated" in Orange Jubilee is in stock.

Just to try and cut down on the calls we receive....YES we do have the pair that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in Sex and the City 2 in stock now. Come and get it. Or for more info click this link:
Jee Vice Accessories PR Brand Profile

Now playing @ Paris West: Wyclef Jean - Fast Car ft. Paul Simon

In honor of somebody here at Paris West and the "driver improvement classes" he had to complete. Not that we want to mention his name... but since Cailin and Rudy don't drive and Dr. Larry owns a Prius you can probably figure it out for yourself. Slow down you bald headed dummy :)

New Carrera stock now.

We hope every one had a great 4th of July weekend. I actually was lucky enough to visit the family friendly city of Las Vegas... where it was a cool 100 degrees plus every day. Ok, it is 100 degrees plus in Charm City as I type this so I guess that's not so impressive.
Speaking of hot, one trend I noticed over and over in Vegas (besides lots of short skirts, ample supplies of silicone, and lots of blond hair dye...wait, what was I saying again?)... oh yeah... the dominant eyewear trend in Sin City was the re-issued/re-imagined aviator shades from Carrera. Of course it didn't hurt that my room mate and travel companion wore his wherever we went. (Yes... he did get them from us.)
We currently have a good selection of these in the store, but they are going fast... stop in and claim yours today.

July 4th hours

Friday July 2: 10-6
Saturday July 3: Closed
Sunday July 4: Closed
Monday July 5: Closed
Tuesday July 6: 10-6

Have a happy and safe holiday!


As promised... here are some shots of our current inventory of Dilem frames. I will caution you however, that unlike me, these look much better in person. I look much better from a very dim light... with your eyes closed. Have a great weekend everybody.


From France...home of the worlds most disappointing World Cup team (apologies to my French about that Landon Donovan?)...anyway...where was I? Oh yeah... from the not disappointing in any way French company...DILEM... is a collection we are super excited about.
We are proud to announce we are the FIRST optical shop in Maryland to offer this innovative and colorful collection. (I'm sure our one of our uninspired, copycat competitors will follow suit eventually... but for now we're the only one...)
What makes this collection so unique you ask? Besides the great shapes, superior quality and vivid colors? Oh.... well how about the fact that the temples are completely interchangeable? Wearing a red dress? (like me on a Saturday night...oh wait...did I say that out loud?) can add red temples to match. Need to tone down for a job interview... switch those red temples out for basic black. There are countless options of various thickness, color and even funky…

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Scary Sight

Lots of new stuff... Jee Vice, Paolo Seminara, Salt and more

Nothing says welcome back from vacation like a huge stack of new product waiting when you return. And I'm happy(?) to say I was not disappointed when I strolled in to the shop yesterday. I've begun the unpacking process and have posted some pics of new Salt, Paolo Seminara, and Nouvelle Vague on our facebook page. The new L.A. Eyeworks from earlier updates are also now in stock.

One new collection that's on its way is the sunglass collection from Jee Vice. Pictured above is the model worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the new "Sex and the City" movie.
Jee Vice is known for their bold colors and non conventional shapes...and the ones we have coming in are no exception.
The gold sparkle on this model is even better looking in person.
These...among others will be in about a weeks time... just in time for Summer.

NEW L.A. Eyeworks... coming soon

We were happy to welcome Louis from L.A. Eyeworks back to our shop yesterday. We were unable to see him at Vision Expo in New York and were excited to see all the new spring releases. (I was so excited I dressed up in pastel pink and blue and looked like an easter egg...I even had a tie on). I'm happy to say it was well worth it, well maybe not for Louis who laughed at me, but for the rest of us we were very impressed by what he showed us.
One of my favorites which I kept calling "Cloud" is actually "Cotton" (don't ask...I'm old)'s pictured above in matte black, honey brown, and chocolate brown/lavender. It's also pictured above on Kendall in a crystal turquoise. Call it whatever you want (I know I will), but it's a beautiful frame regardless.
Next up is "Rambler"... which I think was named after me and these meandering posts of mine. Pictured above in faux matte black wood, and two tone brown/grey.
This is "Masonette" …

NEW L.A. Eyeworks... coming soon (cont.)

This big and bold frame is the "O'Connell" which we ordered in crystal olive tortoise. Too bad they gave it a name that reminds me of my friend who gave me a broken toe for my 40th birthday... she didn't even bother to wrap it...oh well your toes are safe...I promise.
Say hello to "Shorty"...coming in in crystal brown with crystal blue temples.
Here's "Cathead" not to be confused with me aka "Fathead"... the one we're featuring is purrfect in crystal with goldlace. (really, did I just type "purrfect?...I'm truly sorry)
"Hitch"... in brown/crystal two tone and dark tortoise... it's the model Elvis Costello wears... really, I'm not making this up...check our facebook page if you don't believe me.
Finally we have Fiction model "Ska"... in matte black, chocolate tortoise and crystal grey/brown two tone. All of the L.A. Eyeworks/Fiction models are made from the finest quality materials and will be…

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New Mykita

It's getting warmer and that can only mean one, not "wear your bikini to work day"...jeez Rudy we all haven't recovered from LAST, it means that tons of new spring arrivals are here or are on their way. Among the goodies we have in stock or soon to be in stock include new models from: Vanni, Brazak, Traction Productions, Dilem, Booth & Bruce, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Chanel, Gucci, Armani, Dior, J.F. Rey, Boz, ECO, Oakley, Lindberg, Kenneth Cole, Koali, OGA, Gold & Wood, OGI, Bevel, Orgreen, Frost, Eye DC, Sama, Jono Hennessey, Menizzi, Etnia Barcelona, Slights, Kala, Eyefunc, Salt, LA Eyeworks, Fiction, among others. Wait... did I forget Mykita? Of course not... here's a sample of new Mykita models that just arrived: above is "Harvey" in gunmetal.
"Anton" in etched black... the textured finish is really cool.
"Olivia" in red
"Jesper" in black/silver.
"Otto" in crystal grey.... more to …