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Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or however you want to say it...

Thanks to the folks at Frost (Hot Glasses) for the e-card... I liked it so much I wanted to share it...and keep an eye out for Frost Specs appearing at Paris West sometime in Late Spring 2010!

Holiday Hours/Flexible Spending/Gift Certificates

As we wind down 2009 I'd like to first thank all of our loyal customers for helping make it a great year. The economy was in the tank pretty much all year but we had one of our best years ever and your support is truly appreciated.

Next we'd like to remind everyone that YES we do offer GIFT CERTIFICATES and if you need a last minute gift idea that's more unique than the same old perfume or tired necktie then stop on in.

Our Holiday Hours will be the following:

Wednesday 12/23 10-6
Thursday 12/24 10-6
Friday 12/25: CLOSED - Merry Christmas
Saturday 12/26: 10-5
Sunday 12/27: CLOSED
Monday 12/28: CLOSED
Tuesday 12/29: 10-6
Wednesday 12/30: 10-6
Thursday 12/31:10-6
Friday 1/1: CLOSED - Happy New Year
Saturday 1/2: 10-5

And finally if you have leftover Flexible Spending dollars that need to be used by years end we have the following ideas for you:
(we'd hate for "them" to keep your money...whoever "they" are).

You can buy a lifetime supply of Geritol...
...or maybe some …

Richeles' New Specs

Just when I thought the only people reading this blog were my Mom, Kendalls' Grandmom, and random perverts looking for that Paris Hilton video comes proof that on occasion someone else out there is actually paying attention. Back in the spring we featured the super cool/ neo-retro frame from French design house Traction Productions (pictured above)..... well we are happy to say we've found it a good home.

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Richele, who rumor has it was admiring the "Pistel" frame from a far. (A far meaning via the internets). When she finally made it in she was concerned that we may have sold it. As luck would have it, the customer who had put it on layaway (yes we DO layaway) had changed her mind and the frame was back on the market. As you can see it didn't stay on the market as Richele claimed it for herself. does look fabulous on her.

Of course while she was here we couldn't help from giving Richele other options to se…

Closed Saturday 12/19: Snowed OUT

We are sorry to announce that we will be closed today: Saturday December 19th due to the white stuff that's falling out of the sky. (really... look out your window). We will return on our normal schedule Tuesday December 22 at 10 am. In the meantime make some hot chocolate, build a snowman or throw snowballs at your cranky next door neighbor. (and BE safe) We will see you soon.

Thanksgiving Week Hours

In an effort to avoid some of the countless calls to are the official Paris West Optical Thanksgiving week hours of operation:

Monday 11/23: Closed (as usual)
Tuesday 11/24: 10-6
Wednesday 11/25: 10-6
Thursday 11/26: Closed (thanks Captain Obvious)
Friday 11/27: 10-6 (Dr. Larry IS in and appointments ARE available)
Saturday 11/28: 10-5

Have a safe Holiday and if you can shake off your post Thanksgiving tryptophan induced stupor and make it off the couch then stop in and see us.

New Arrival: Volte Face

I think back about 100 years ago I posted that we were getting the French collection : Volte Face. Well... I have a confession to make. We got them. 2 months ago. I'm just a slacker...and getting our resident super model to pose for a decent picture nowadays is as easy as getting Rush Limbaugh to say someting nice about Barack Obama. So in order to expedite the process I gave Miss K. complete artistic control over the images we use on the blog (this one at least). Above is the Volte Face model: "Matt" in Amber Tortoise. I'm not sure who "Matt" is exactly but I think Kendall really captures his essence in the photo.
Here are the 3 color options that "Matt" comes in... note the stained glass effect on the temples.
Speaking of stained glass... here are models: "Nara" and "Dita" with 100% titanium fronts and hand carved temples filled with acetate.
Rounding out the collection we have "Cary", "Maje" and "Knit&…

New Arrival: Alek Paul

Also now available is the fall collection from Alek Paul. Modeled above by Aubrey and Kendall who are sporting their matching "angry Russian wash women hairstyles...aka I don't feel like styling my hair early on a Tuesday."
Handmade and uniquely feminine these frames are flattering and funky without being over the top. Wow...Feminine, Frames, Flattering and Funky all in the same sentence...someone learned alliteration in remedial english class. I guess if you take the same class 4 times something is bound to stick.
And the usual disclaimer applies...we have ONE of each so stop in now and try them on.

Jee Vice: Vintage Revisited

Following up from some previous posts...what's old is new...again. To continue that theme we just brought in the Vintage Revisited collection from Jee Vice...just like real frames from the 50's but with a sexier, better and smarter twist...(and they're handmade).
Pictured above is the "Sexier" in Mother of Pearl, Red, and Black/Ruby.
"Sexier" yet again in Black/Gold, Amber Brown, and White with black polka dots.
"Better" in Ruby Swirl, Amber Brown, Sky Swirl, and Black/Ruby
Last but not least we have "Smarter" in Brown Amber/ Mother of Pearl, Olive Brown, Red, and Black/Ruby. Currently we have one of each so stop in and try one on.

Tons of Bevel.... now in stock.

I apologize to those who were wondering why there were less updates on the blog recently...I know many of you (Kendalls grandmom) were eager to see all of the latest eyewear news (Pictures of Kendall) and I am sorry I disappointed you all. (all 1 of you). Yes...I AM a slacker...or as Kendall would say....a "sqwacker"... In any event here is some late breaking optical news...(with pictures of Kendall included)... We were happy to host Amy from Bevel a few weeks back (and force her to pose for pictures) while she showed us all of the cool Fall arrivals from one of our favorite design houses.

After several long and painful weeks (ok maybe painful is a reach) we FINALLY have a ton of new Bevels now available in stock...

Really...look at them Aubrey would say: it's a "buttload" of frames....eww, now that just sounds dirty.

Now Playing @ ParisWest: Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat

"What did you learn today? I learned nothing.".... sounds like the story of my life. I don't know why they're the Kaiser Chiefs...why not the Kaiser Rolls? Hmm...Kaiser it lunch time yet?...I want a sandwich...

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New from Gail Spence

As loyal readers know...we're big fans of the Gail Spence collection here at Paris West. We've sold the re-issued models to customers from coast to coast... The upside-down rimless was such an ingenious idea for reading glasses and the aluminum design was both durable and timeless...
After 20 plus years...somebody finally had the bright idea..."what if we turn them upside down..or right-side up...and make traditional eyeglasses out of them....BRILLIANT!" At least that's my supposition of how it happened...nobody tells me anything.

anyway we are proud to announce that these are NOW IN STOCK... the upside down/right side up...whatever you want to call them Gail Spence models... stop in and try one on.


First of all let me apologize for the LONG delay between's a combination of lazy summer days (when not much new product arrives), a broken camera (which has been replaced), and a horrible internet service provider...(which has also been replaced)...anyway we are starting to see new Fall arrivals make their way into the shop...and one undeniable trend is the oversized vintage look. Or neo-geek... or my favorite which the fine folks at L.A. Eyeworks started...Nerdvana.
One of the new arrivals I mentioned is the "Deacon" from Oliver Peoples...pictured above in Olive Fade and Chocolate Horn. Extremely solid and well for men or women.
Speaking of L.A. are the "Pick-Up" in Red and "Hitch" in Black...we have a ton of other similar products in stock if you feel the need to embrace your inner nerd (or if like me you just actually are a nerd) stop in and check them out. Pardon me as I go back to humming this song…

Now playing @ ParisWest: Ben Folds - Rockin' The Suburbs

Cue annoying cheesy DJ voice: "This goes out to all of our new customers making the trek in from suburbia..."
In recent weeks we've had new converts from: Pikesville, Towson, Hunt Valley, Severna Park, Bel Air, York PA, Columbia, White Marsh and Ellicott City amongst others... thanks for spreading the word... we hope to see more of you suburbanites in the near that you're realizing what our long-time Baltimore City customers have known for the past 15 years...we're the best...really...if you don't believe it, hop in the minivan and see for yourself...we'll even pay for your parking.

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July 4th Weekend Hours's that time again. Time to eat too much...drink too much...and then play with explosives. Our hours for the rest of the week are as follows:

Today (Thursday): 10-6
Friday July 3rd: 10-6 Dr. Larry IS IN and appointments are available.
Saturday July 4th: CLOSED (duh)Sunday July 5th: CLOSED
Monday July 6th: CLOSED (like every other Monday)
Tuesday July 7th: 10-6

Have a safe and fun weekend...while we're gone enjoy this video from local band Animal's called "Fireworks"... wow what a coincidence.

Now in Stock: Etnia Barcelona

When you think of high-end frames usually France, Japan, Italy, Denmark or Germany are the usual suspects that come to mind as far as where they are manufactured. Not in this case...Playing the role of Keyser Soze we have newcomer Etnia Barcelona from Spain. Who is Etnia Barcelona? How the heck do I know... I had to watch "The Usual Suspects" like 30 times before I figured who Keyser Soze actually was. (I'm slow like that)...anyway Etnia features reasonably priced acetate and combination frames in vibrant beautiful colors. Above we have Aubrey in the Tel-Aviv in Brown/Turquoise.
A trademark style for the collection, the Noosa in Black/Grey Chess (or checkers for simpletons like me.)
The Tel Aviv in Brown/Gold Chess
Tel Aviv (again) without Aubreys noggin in the Brown/Turquoise.
The Aqaba in Green/Gold.

Etnia Barcelona: More Pics

Mogadiscio in Copper/Navy
Noosa in Black/ Brown Chess
(no sleep til)Brooklyn in Pink/Grey
Brooklyn in Violet/Amber on Aubrey. By the way...Aubrey is not moving to Michigan, or Alabama, or to the Shire for that matter. Fortunately those plans fell through and she will be around to continue to make my life a I mean provide fodder for my blog posts...oh, and do an exceptional job running the office.

Coming Soon: Volte Face

Sorry for the delay in updates...we're still recovering from our most successful trunk show to date. Thanks for all of those who stopped by to see us...and a big thanks to the many people who decided to make purchases. We are currently working hard filling all of the orders and some of you may have already picked them up at this point. I apologize for lack of pictures from the trunk show, but we we're so busy that I never even had a chance to take my camera from out of my briefcase.

As we move forward we have a bunch of cool arrivals making their way in of them...Volte Face from France will be here next week. I promise to post some shots once the goods are here (really...I will) but if you're curious check out their website :

Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith Trunk Show: This Friday and Saturday

Yes that's right...THIS WEEKEND! All the cool specs and shades featured in this video as well as a whole bunch many more you ask? Well just every single one from the 2009 collection. In every color. In every size. Special deals, maybe a prize or two, and some free food. No, Zooey D. won't be in attendance...but Steve Kramer will... who's Steve Kramer you ask? (actually every one asks that)... he's just the bestest, greatest sales rep of Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith spectacles in the great state of Maryland. (he's also the ONLY Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith sales rep in the state of Maryland but why quibble over small details). Hours are Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-5. So bring a friend, bring a significant other, bring an insignificant other, bring your flex spending card just don't miss it...It may never happen again. (at least not til next year.)

not to be forgotten: Mosley Tribes

Yes...If all the cool OP and Paul Smith specs weren't enough we're making Mr. Kramer bring the Mosley Tribes sunglass collection as well. At least he'll get some exercise this weekend hauling the frame bags around. (his wife can thank me later.)

Coming Soon: Alek Paul and Jono Hennessy

There's nothing like the day back after a holiday... especially when it seems like every sales associate is breaking down your door or blowing up your phone in an attempt to sell you the "latest and greatest" in eyewear. Having been in this city for coming up on 15 years (June 6th is our 15th year anniversary!), we've pretty much seen everything. Currently our inventory is north of 7000 frames...yes...7 we have to be a bit selective when we add new products.
Yesterday we had the pleasure of being visited by our friend Stephen...who showed some new Mykita and JF Rey frames (which will be in SOON) and Michael who sells us Okki and Exalto frames...we also were impressed by 2 new collections that he's carrying...Alek Paul and Jono Hennessy.
So impressed in fact that we wrote an order right away... and we are proud to announce that in a few short weeks we will be Baltimore's exclusive Alek Paul and Jono Hennessy dealer.
These frames are beautiful, color…

Now Playing @ ParisWest: Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye"

Actually it's Memorial day and nothing is really playing at Paris West at the moment... but at some point this WILL be heard in the shop. It's very mellow...a good song to sit by the pool and relax with a beer to. Speaking of which...why am I sitting here talking to you people??? Happy Memorial Day.

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New Arrival: Kirk Originals

A shout out to Jason Kirk...(thanks for the email, and YES...Aubrey's forehead is still available for advertising space...) Speaking of Aubrey...and her ever changing she is with a brand new color in the Kirk Heroes collection -Amber Brown to Blue.
NO...that's not Mikey from American Chopper...that's Aubrey again with another new color in the Heroes collection...Black to White.'s Aubrey again...rocking a hair style lovingly referred to by me as "The angry Russian washwoman"...and's ANOTHER new Kirk color...Noir to Red Sparkle. Actually it's really not a new color but the first pair we had Aubrey took to a local wine festival and it went "missing". I call shenanigans...but no matter, it's back in stock for now.
Here we have Aubrey again...wearing 4 new Kirk styles (the aforementioned 3 pairs and the Amber to Pink) with a hair style I've never seen before...I'd call it reception desk with faux marbl…

Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith Trunk Show: June 12 and 13

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting the FIRST EVER Baltimore area Oliver Peoples/Paul Smith/Mosley Tribes TRUNK SHOW on Friday June 12 and Saturday June 13. One of my best friends in this industry -Steve Kramer (pictured above, further proof that I need a better class of friends) will be bringing all the brand new 2009 optical and sunglass releases as well as all the other classic styles from these legendary collections. There will be some special promotions and (if I promise to be nice) Mista Steve has agreed to break out his famous catering skills. ( I won't be making any hairy, angry Martha Stewart jokes today...check back after the show for those).